Dear reader,

For months now we’ve been really racking our brains trying to figure out how Wildebeest Nutrition can have a positive impact on our community besides making great products.

After some deliberation we determined that the best way for us to impact our community is to invest in its future. We decided that we will donate percentage of every purchase to our recently started Beest Foundation. We will use every cent of the collected money to donate bikes to kids once a year, around Christmas time, who are in elementary schools across the country. Our mission is to help kids get off the phone or computer and focus more on a healthy lifestyle.

We are so excited for this because our customers will know that they are helping kids across the country find a healthy and fun lifestyle. It's always been our goal to find some way to give back to our awesome community!

If you would like to be kept up to date on everything, please follow our social media accounts at the bottom of this page. There we will post all sorts of content pertaining to the foundation.

We appreciate your support,

Daniel Sisco
Wildebeest Nutrition