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Welcome to Wildebeest Nutrition!

It’s hard to trust supplement companies these days. And I have a personal story from the inside as a supplement manufacturer that will blow your mind.

While riding mountain bikes in the hills of Bentonville, Arkansas, the founders of Beest were completely exhausted. They paused the ride for a few minutes while panting… out of breath… and said, “I wish there was some supplement we could take that would make these rides a little bit easier.”

Stay with me. I’m getting the story that will blow your mind about supplements. 

So they went to the drawing board to create a supplement that would do exactly what they wished it would do. 

They wanted something that made their muscles stop burning. Something that would prime their mind for a long ride. Something that would keep them hydrated. 

So they found a pharmaceutical manufacturing company and began the development and manufacturing process for this idea. 

They originally wanted to create an amazing tasting drink powder mix with potent ingredients.

But everything they developed came back tasting like dirt. Completely terrible. 

They demanded to the manufacturers, “This has to taste better! Nobody will drink this!”

That’s when they revealed the secret the sports supplement industry doesn’t want you to know…

They said, “With the ingredients and quantities you’ve decided to put in this drink powder mix, it will never taste good. It’s impossible.”

We were puzzled… Why would that be the case? Gatorade, Powerade, and all of the Pre-Workout supplements out there taste great! 

Why not us? 

That’s when they said…

“To make it taste great, we can remove and adjust the quantities of some of the worst tasting ingredients. As long as they’re on the label, people will see it and buy it. It doesn’t really matter if they’re actually in effective doses. Most people don’t know what the effective dose is.”

That’s when the light bulb went off!

We thought to ourselves, “So every other company is sacrificing the quality of their ingredients for the sake of taste, and putting ineffective quantities of ingredients just so they can write it on the label….. For marketing purposes!”

It’s almost criminal!

They’re taking advantage of most consumers who don’t realize they’re paying premium prices for utter garbage… 

We were at a crossroads..

Should we do what the manufacturer was suggesting so we could have an easy product to sell and market?

Or should we take a stand, and create a product that is harder to market, but much better for the consumer? 

The decision was easy….

We will not sacrifice quality for anything. We will not sell our souls for money.

That’s how the Beest: Sustain capsules were born. 

Capsules allowed us to provide the highest quality ingredients at clinically effective quantities. A drink mix would not allow us to do the same thing.

Through the Beest Foundation we are giving back and investing in the future on many kids in our local community and the country. Click here to see how.

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