Who's Behind Wildebeest Nutrition?

We Care About Giving Back

We are socially responsible. Each year we take a significant portion of our profits and go to local elementary schools to give bikes to exemplary kids who may not have received a Christmas gift otherwise. Watch last year's epic bike giveaway below.

We're Obsessed With Quality

We never cut corners. As a matter of fact, our company wouldn't have ever been created if we weren't unhappy with the quality of supplements on the market. It meets our standards or it's scrapped. Period. Maybe it's our fear of failure, but in this case, it turns out to be a good thing. Read our story here.

Family Is Everything To Us

We were founded by 3 brothers who were born into a family with 7 children (yes, the picture is really us... embarrassing). Money was tight, but we learned that family is everything.  It's one of the core values of our company, and at the foundation of every decision we make. If it's not good enough for Mom, we don't make it.

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The Beest Foundation

Our favorite part about running this company? We get to do some pretty amazing things. Checkout the video above. Each year, we donate bikes to kids at schools who might not have received a Christmas gift otherwise. It's one of the neatest things the founders of Wildebeest Nutrition have ever experienced... Except for marrying you, babe (if you're reading this.)

By the way. We're open to hearing what you're passionate about. Let us know so we can consider giving back to something you're passionate about as well.

Racing Downhill on Kids Bikes

Did you see us featured in Biking With Bobo's video? Check it out.

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